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Covid-19/ Corona virus guidelines for our patients, families and the communities we serve

ALL DESTINY SERVICES WILL REMAIN AVAILABLE TO OUR PATIENTS, THEIR FAMILIES, AND THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE DURING THIS PANDEMIC Destiny stands with our patients, families and communities of over 8,500 beneficiaries currently receiving home health, hospice and palliative care services in their private homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Board & Care, and Skilled Nursing Facilities. In … Read More


  • "Courteousness, friendliness, upbeat energy of staff. I like how Patient and educative the RN's are in explaining care." doctor and patient -M.D.
  • "Nurses constantly reassess patients' needs. Equipment was received quickly. Staff are all professional and kind and highly sympathetic." senior woman talking to his son -F.G.
  • "Caring, kind, gentle, and very responsive whenever contacted." senior woman with caregiver -B. R.
  • "Vast network of services: social worker, chaplain, etc..." senior man -J.Q.
  • "Response time to calls and needs has been excellent. Every person has been very kind and treats them like family." doctor and patient -B.C.
  • "I like the staff - they treat me like family" senior woman talking to his son -M.R.
  • "I was impressed by the care and concern for patient and family members." senior woman with caregiver -D. R.
  • "All staff is nice, kind, and do their job well." senior man -J.C.
  • "The whole Hospice packet is complete and addresses every need and situation." doctor and patient -M.M.
  • "I was impressed with how quickly everyone gets back to you when you call, and all questions are answered immediately. We're very satisfied." senior woman talking to his son -S.C.
  • "Very impressed with the help from the social worker, and RN. I was also impressed by the 24/7 care service." senior woman with caregiver -M. B.
  • "Liaisons were knowledgeable and friendly." senior man -C.K.
  • "Everyone is happy and willing to help." doctor and patient -R.D.
  • "Everything is excellent; it's all I expected and more." senior woman talking to his son -C.L.
  • "I like knowing that they are right there and will come whenever I need them." senior woman with caregiver -P.W.
  • "Nurses are amazing. Staff is very connected with patient and family. We appreciate how Destiny checks in often." senior man -J.Q.