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Community comes together to help destiny heros on the front line


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  • "Courteousness, friendliness, upbeat energy of staff. I like how Patient and educative the RN's are in explaining care." doctor and patient -M.D.
  • "Nurses constantly reassess patients' needs. Equipment was received quickly. Staff are all professional and kind and highly sympathetic." senior woman talking to his son -F.G.
  • "Caring, kind, gentle, and very responsive whenever contacted." senior woman with caregiver -B. R.
  • "Vast network of services: social worker, chaplain, etc..." senior man -J.Q.
  • "Response time to calls and needs has been excellent. Every person has been very kind and treats them like family." doctor and patient -B.C.
  • "I like the staff - they treat me like family" senior woman talking to his son -M.R.
  • "I was impressed by the care and concern for patient and family members." senior woman with caregiver -D. R.
  • "All staff is nice, kind, and do their job well." senior man -J.C.
  • "The whole Hospice packet is complete and addresses every need and situation." doctor and patient -M.M.
  • "I was impressed with how quickly everyone gets back to you when you call, and all questions are answered immediately. We're very satisfied." senior woman talking to his son -S.C.
  • "Very impressed with the help from the social worker, and RN. I was also impressed by the 24/7 care service." senior woman with caregiver -M. B.
  • "Liaisons were knowledgeable and friendly." senior man -C.K.
  • "Everyone is happy and willing to help." doctor and patient -R.D.
  • "Everything is excellent; it's all I expected and more." senior woman talking to his son -C.L.
  • "I like knowing that they are right there and will come whenever I need them." senior woman with caregiver -P.W.
  • "Nurses are amazing. Staff is very connected with patient and family. We appreciate how Destiny checks in often." senior man -J.Q.